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flashed through the air with blinding intensity.
Nothing more,

Many hours Iaters just as the sun was going
down,, he awoke from a peculiar dream and tried
to pull himself to his feet.

'I did not have my senses with me/ he said. fl
was just like a crazy man. Blood was running
from my mouth and nose and ears. I was In
great pain when I got up? and I could not walk
straight. I just ran around and around In a circle.
I wondered what had happened, and what was
the matter with me.

"While I was running around like this I saw
one of our Blackfoot hunters coming my way.
I yelled to him for help, but when he saw me he
turned and ran as fast as he could back toward
our camp. That was Chief Weasel Calf, there/
said Wolf Head, pointing to this renowned
Blackfoot as he was sitting by the Sun Dance fire
while Wolf Head was relating this remarkable

'Yes/ said Chief Weasel Calf. That was I.
When I saw him I thought he was a ghost3 and it
scared me. I ran back to the camp and told the
others about it. And when we returned Wolf
Head was still running around and around In a
circle. He had no clothes on? and his body was
all cut up down the left side, and bleeding hard
all over. He did not look like a live man. We